Bookbug & Storygrammer

Smillie Room PM Bookbug Session.

Smillie Room PM Bookbug Session.


The ante pre-school children in the Rainbow Room have the opportunity to participate in Bookbug on a weekly basis.

The children in the Smillie Room also have the opportunity to participate in Bookbug on a weekly basis. These take place on Tuesdays @11.20am and Thursdays @3.15pm. All Smillie Room parents/ carers are invited to come along as are parents/ carers with any children aged 0-2 years.

During the sessions children alongside their parents/carers and staff explore stories, rhymes and songs. Children also learn to love reading, explore the characters in stories and learn when to talk and when to listen.

Some of the staff have been trained to deliver Bookbug. This is an on-going process.

Story Grammer

All pre-school children will have the opportunity to participate in Story Grammar sessions on a weekly basis in groups of 4-8. These sessions are led by Rachel our Early Years Teacher.

The Story Grammer programme follows a specific pattern of activities to explore stories. Children will read the stories together with an adult, then sequence story pictures, describing what comes first, next, last etc. Story pictures may be removed and children asked to say what is missing. The next step in the process involves introducing shapes to represent the characters e.g. small pink circles for 3 little pigs. After a number of sessions when children have developed a deep understanding of the structure and events within the story they will have opportunities to retell the story using shapes to represent characters.

The benefits of this programme are:

  • Development of a love of stories.
  • Genuine, meaningful understanding of story structures, plots and characters.
  • Ownership of the storytelling process.
  • Building of the ability to focus on tasks for longer periods of time and to see tasks through to their conclusion.

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