Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts
Children have opportunities to use their talents in expressive arts and to gain new knowledge and a deeper understanding of them when attending Gibshill Children’s Centre.

There are opportunities to explore and experiment with a variety of media in the Art & Collage area.

Our Music Area allows the children to gain knowledge about musical instruments and listen to a variety of music both classical and contemporary. Large Group time gives the children opportunities to take part in action games, singing and dancing. Being part of a large group enables children who are not confident enough to have ‘centre stage’ to build up the confidence from the background until they feel able to take a lead part.

We enter Inverclyde Music Festival and take the children on outings to museums and art galleries. We have also attended Monster Music in Glasgow where the children have the opportunity to see the Royal Scottish National Orchestra in action.

“ The magic, wonder and power of the arts play a vital role in enabling children and young people to enhance their creative talent, appreciation and skill that, in turn, will inform their working and recreationallives”                                          

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