Forest Schools

pracitising the rules when dogs walk pastmaking a shelter to keep us dryExploring the environment by climbing.Sitting on the Gibshill Log.We built  a shelter and enjoyed learning outdoors!

The children have been going to the forest for the past two years. Staff are forest school trained and deliver many different learning experiences, including

Exploration of Nature

Den Building

Fire Building

Risk Assessing

Aims of the Project

To develop children’s confidence and self esteem
To develop better listening skills and concentration
To encourage enthusiasm for the natural world
To improve children’s opportunities for outdoor play and the ability to manage risk
To encourage responsible attitudes towards taking care of the local area
To provide opportunities for parents to develop an understanding of the importance of outdoor play and risk management

Risk Assessment

The forest area that we use is risk assessed annually. Staff assess the forest every time they use the area to ensure your child is safe at forest schools.

What Does Your Child Need

The nursery provides waterproofs for every child. Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately ie: hat, scarf, gloves and welly boots

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