Religious and Moral Education

Religious and Moral Education

Our Children’s Centre is non-denominational and we do not focus on any one religion but we ensure that the children develop an awareness of the religions and cultures which are evident in our local community.

We put on a Nativity Play and focus on other religious festivals throughout the year.

We concentrate on the promotion of fairness, equality and tolerance. We encourage the children to share with one another and to be caring towards each other, their family, the staff, the elderly, the insects and fish in our Centre and the wildlife in our garden.

We do not accept children wearing sectarian football colours to the Centre and we do not encourage debate about the football teams

“Through developing awareness and appreciation of the value of each individual in a diverse society, religious and moral education
engenders responsible attitude to other people. This awareness and appreciation will assist in counteracting prejudice and intolerance in issues such sectarianism and discrimination more broadly” 

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