I explore software and use what i learn to solve problems and present my ideas, thoughts and information.within and beyond my place of learning I can reduce, re-use and recycle resources I use to help care for the environment.Investigating and exploring the digital camera.Exploring software and use what I learn to solve problems.



We have computers, remote control toys, metal detectors, digital cameras, and lots of other technological equipment for the children to use in all areas of the room and in our outdoor area.

Our CD Roms are bought for their educational content and the amount of time children spend at the PC is monitored to ensure all children have equal amount of access.

“Children and young people can develop their creativity and entrepreneurial skills and be encouraged to become innovative and critical designers of the future. These attributes are essential if our children and young people are to play a major part in the global economy and embrace technological developments of the 21st century.”

                                                        Curriculum for Excellence

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