Lunch and Snacks

snackLunch and Snacks

We promote healthy eating within the Children’s Centre as an important part of the curriculum. We provide a morning and afternoon snack, consisting of milk or water, fruit, vegetables, biscuits, cheese, toast, etc. The Centre follows the Nutritional Guidance for Early Years (Scottish Executive), and staff have been involved in the training for healthier lifestyles through BNSF.

enjoying our lunch

Children who stay for lunch are provided with a healthy balanced meal. Special diets are provided for children when necessary and if preferred children can bring a packed lunch. As all the children sit with a key worker at lunch we would ask that, in accordance with the Nutritional Guidance, packed lunches are healthy and do not contain sweets, crisps or fizzy juice. We will provide milk or water for children who bring a packed lunch.
The Snack and Lunch menus are displayed on the Information Board in the playroom.

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